Re-designing Your Empty Nest

You’ve reached the point where the children have grown up and are out of the house. They may have come and gone for a temporary stay, but you now have the house to yourselves for the most part. After many years of putting off those major renovations or buying new furniture, you start to look around at your home to assess its condition. Everything needs repainting, furniture needs to be updated and purchased, and the list goes on. You consider whether you’re going to relocate, but you decide that you would like to update your current home instead.

You know that it needs some major renovation and now is your chance to renovate your home. On the top of your wish list are your dream kitchen and a new master bathroom. These current rooms have worked hard for you and your family, and they are showing some wear and tear. You realize that it’s time to re-configure your space and think about how you use it., but you don’t know where to start. You do know that you have waited long enough to do these renovation projects, so you want it done right. You want to be happy with the results, so you know that you should hire a professional designer. Now is a great time to get the help of a designer, and it is a time that many of my clients call me to assist with re-designing their homes.

broken floor tile
Add rich color.

From my years of experience working with clients, here are a few tips on re-designing your empty nest.


This is a great time to look at your entire space differently. A room that formally made a great kids’ space might now take on the role of a great entertaining space, or it might be just the extra space that you need to create that dream kitchen. Look at your space differently and decide how you can improve the layout of your home.


Think out of the box. An empty bedroom can easily be transformed into an office space or a home gym. An empty bedroom could also be transformed into a beautiful new master bathroom or master closet space—time to create an oasis that you can enjoy in your own home.


Have a designer assist you and create a new design plan for your entire home. Having an extra set of skilled eyes can help you to imagine the possibilities for your new space. Having an overall plan for your entire home will help you visualize the space and create a coherent look throughout your home. A designer can help you create the design and help you understand the renovation and implement your project best. Based on the scope of work that needs to be done, your designer can help you create a phased plan that will help you implement your design smoothly or overtime if needed.


Time to sort and purge items. Even if you decide that you would only like to make small changes, assess the items in your home. If that old coffee table has seen better days and you always wanted to replace it, now is the time to sort and purge closets and storage areas. Purging items might free up the extra space needed to enhance one of your renovation projects or help your existing space function better than it has in the past. Looking at your whole space in a different light can be much easier when the spaces are cleared and organized.


Add some luxury. If you always wanted to have a white sofa but were nervous about maintaining it, now is the time to go for it. Designer fabrics are so user-friendly now and are very easy to maintain if chosen carefully. Adding accessories or finishes, even small additions to a room can enhance comfort and give you a touch of luxury. Enjoy using all those finishes that you have been thinking about including in your home someday.

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