How A Designer Can Help You When You Move Into A New Home.

Purchasing a new home is exciting. But planning out how your new home will look and function can be a little overwhelming. Are you excited about designing your new space, but you’re not sure if your existing furniture will work in the space or if you should plan on some new pieces?

You know that you would like to renovate the kitchen and bathroom in your new home, but you’re unsure if you’ll get to that right away. Where should you start?

The living room and dining room might not be as costly to renovate, but you know that you would like to add the new furniture to that space. Should you start there?

There are so many things to consider.

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Involve an interior designer early on in the process. Suppose you’re thinking about purchasing a home based on the idea that you envision a beautifully renovated kitchen in the home you’re looking at. In that case, you might want to get some professional advice early on. Then you can be sure that you can create the kitchen of your dreams in this existing home. Sometimes people aren’t aware of how much space it takes to do things. You might envision a large kitchen with a beautiful island, but in reality, once things are measured out and designed, you might not have room for that in the space you’re looking at. Having involvement from a designer early on in the process can help you make intelligent decisions on a house right for you. A small amount of advice from a designer is well worth the cost if it keeps you from buying the wrong home or confirming your decision that this house will become what you would like it to be.


Have your designer take a look at your new space and your current living space. If you purchased a house and are awaiting your moving day see if you can arrange a site visit with the designer to review the new home and visit your existing home. Viewing both locations will allow the designer to see all of your furnishings and how you currently live in the space and help you create an idea and interior design plan for your new home. Doing this before you move can help you decide which pieces of furniture will work in your new home. Then you can avoid moving items into the new space that are not going to work.


If you’ve just moved into a new home involving a designer early on can help you settle into your new space. Before you go too far into your plans, a designer can help you decide how to set up your room. If a renovation is something you’re thinking about, your designer’s input is invaluable in creating a phased plan of action for your new home. Helping prevent backtracking as many times, homeowners dive into a project and then later down the line start an extensive renovation project like a kitchen or bathroom and realize that adjacent rooms will be affected when renovating some of these more complicated spaces. You don’t want to have to be putting holes in that expensive wallpaper in your dining room because now you’re going to be renovating the adjacent kitchen and need access to the walls for piping or electrical work. Your designer will help you create a plan of action that makes sense for your goals and for the process of renovating a home.


A designer will help infuse YOUR personality into your home. Settling into a new space can be difficult. You have so many ideas, and you want to make the place feel like you’re home. You can accomplish this quickly and easily by getting the help of the designer. Creating a warm, inviting, functional space is essential, but a good designer will easily create a space that reflects the homeowner’s personality. Discuss your ideas with your designer; giving them insight into your likes and dislikes will help them use their skills to create a design that you will love. It’s the quickest way to help your new space feel like your home.


If you want to move into your new home knowing some of the big projects have already been taken care of or knowing that you are ready to re-design your home from the beginning, contact your designer as soon as you know where you are moving. A design plan for your entire home can be created so that the bulk of the work can be done before you move in, with thorough advanced planning. You are allowing plenty of time to create a detailed design plan for your furnishings or perhaps renovate the space before moving in. Once you move in, your designer can set up your entire home from the beginning. I have all items delivered at once.

Several situations can be encountered when moving; the stress of packing, planning, and relocating can be very disorienting. Knowing that you have a design plan for your new home from the beginning can help you feel confident that you will be able to tackle putting your new space together, whether you do it over time or all at once.

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