Simple Ways To Decorate For Your Easter Celebration

Easter is a holiday in which many people choose to entertain in their homes. Whether it be a small, simple gathering or a large family dinner, this is certainly a holiday that you would like to add some simple, easy decor that coincides with the season. Easter coincides with the spring, in which we see changes in the weather and changes in the landscape. All of these changes influence the colors that we are drawn to when decorating our homes. Spring colors, including icy pastels, bright pinks, and yellows, are great colors to use in your spring decor. These colors might not melt well with your overall home decor. But there are some simple ways that you can add the fresh spring feeling to your home, even if it’s just for your Easter celebration

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Add rich color.


Keep your Easter decor confined to specific spaces. I love to decorate a very formal Easter table setting; this allows me to really play with the different textures and colors and still keep my overall decor in most of my rooms. Even if you’re serving a simple buffet brunch, you can still decorate your table with spring colors using simple dishes and a few sparkling decorations.


Add touches of spring flowers throughout your home. It is an easy way to bring in a hint of a springtime feel into the rest of your home without doing seasonal decorations throughout the space, allows you to transition the colors easily. For instance, if the spring colors that you’re using on your table don’t go well in your living room, you could certainly use simple arrangements of white tulips in other areas. It would still blend in well with your seasonal Decour and your existing room decorations.


Use a seasonal front door wreath. A great way to transition the season and keep decorating to a minimum. It also allows you to use different colors than you might use in your home. Be sure your wreath colors contrast your front door so that they become a focal point when you look at your home from the road or driveway.


Use groups of flowers that are all the same. Very casual-looking fresh arrangements. This type of arrangement is also simple to put together with a few grocery store flowers. When in doubt, use white flowers or soft colors and display them in a clear glass vase. The simplicity of the arrangement makes it easy to mix into any existing decor in your home.


Choose seasonal decor carefully. If you were going to use Easter eggs, bunnies, and any other seasonal item in your decor, choose carefully. Anything made with glass or ceramic will look a little more tasteful in your home. Since I have little ones in my home for Easter, I use a few mercury glass bunnies on my kitchen counter and a few other strategically place items that the children look forward to finding every year. Then, of course, they each have an Easter basket filled with toys and candy that they can play with if they are not too worn out from our annual Easter egg hunt.


If you have young children, and you want to involve them in the decor, go all out by making decorations. Table setting with handmade Easter eggs and handmade paper decorations can be a thoughtful addition to your table decor. An excellent activity for the kids that will also add to your home’s festive feel.

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Happy Easter!

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