How To Use Wall Mirrors In Your Home

One of my favorite decorative items to incorporate into a design is a wall mirror. I am always on the lookout for a beautiful wall mirror, whether it be a vintage find or a new decorative piece. Although some might regard a wall mirror as just a useful item to have in your bedroom or bathroom to see one’s reflection, a mirror is treated just like a piece of art in the design world. A mirror strategically used in a room can bring a whole room to life.

Here are a few ideas for how to use wall mirrors in your home.

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Add rich color.


Group smaller mirrors. Create a gallery wall with small mirrors of various sizes, colors, and finishes or display a collection of the same exact mirror. Use a large wall, just like a gallery wall of photos or artwork.


Use one statement mirror.  A statement mirror could be any large wall mirror that has an enormous decorative impact on a room. A wall mirror sized appropriately and hung over a piece of furniture can be a beautiful focal point in a room. These mirrors can be quite heavy and need great care when installing, but they will be well worth the effort.


Use a mirror to create depth in a space or to reflect something beautiful. A long mirror on a small wall at the end of a hallway can create the illusion of depth and give an uninteresting wall a unique look. A small room would experience the same effect with the use of a decorative mirror. A wall mirror placed strategically can reflect a piece of art or another visually pleasing item to double the visual impact of that item in the space.


Place mirrors where they can be useful. Of course, mirrors can be placed where they are also helpful. Placing a full-length mirror in the bedroom or closet is necessary when getting ready for the day, but a mirror close to your front door will give you a chance to do a quick check-in of your reflection before you head out the door. A mirror in an office will help you see who is entering the room if you cannot do so from your desk. A full-length mirror in a guest room is also an excellent idea for guests and useful for you when a quick yoga workout is needed.

I hope you will find a place for a decorative mirror in your home.

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