Choosing Plumbing Fixtures For Your Bathroom Project

When designing and renovating a bathroom, there are so many elements that make up the space’s design and function. It will include space planning, safety issues, and selecting every item to color selection and plumbing fixture selection. Selecting the plumbing fixture for a bathroom renovation can be tricky. It’s not as simple as just choosing a faucet and showerhead anymore, and there are so many options. There are numerous metal colors from brass, chrome, nickel, and stainless in a multitude of different finishes. There are different styles of handles and mounting options, and there are deck-mounted or wall-mounted features; showerheads, rain heads, and hand showers are only a few of the features to choose from when selecting plumbing fixtures for your shower.

Here are a few things that I consider when choosing fixtures for a space that I am designing.

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Longevity of design– Like most items, plumbing fixtures also reflect many of the time’s design trends. It’s important to know if your design choices will stand the test of time or will be a passing trend soon to be regretted after its installed.  I tend to select items that are going to stand the test of time design-wise. If my client is in love with a super trendy type of fixture, I point out design longevity and perhaps might suggest alternatives if desired. It is nice to know which features are trendy and which features will stand the test of time to make decisions that are right for each project and client.


Choose quality fixtures– there are areas in the design world that you could make inexpensive substitutions, I still have pretty good results. Plumbing fixtures are not one of them. I suggest buying the best quality plumbing fixtures that you can afford with working parts needed for function and durability. They will stand the test of time and be easier to repair if needed. You will also see much more durability of the product finishes on better quality fixtures.


Complement the overall design. The plumbing fixtures are very much like a room’s jewelry; adding the luxurious finishes of your fixtures can reply to complete the space’s total look. Choose colors and finishes based on the overall design and what works well with the other design elements. You might love that super modern black matte finished faucet, but if it doesn’t work well with the other design elements, it will look out of place in your newly designed bathroom.


Consider function. Look at the features of the items that you are considering. That beautiful 12-inch rain head might look beautiful in your shower. Still, if you don’t have a hand shower or a regular shower head, you might have a hard time getting shampoo out of your hair since a rain head disperses the water differently, reducing the amount of direct pressure you’ll be getting when you shower.


Get input from your designer. If there’s a specific feature or style that you want to include in your project to speak with your designer early on in the design process, it can be incorporated into the entire design scheme.

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