Choosing Tile For Your Backsplash

Whether clients are looking to do a complete renovation of the kitchen or just changing out a few kitchen elements, the selection of backsplash material is always one of those areas where people struggle to visualize a selection and how it will look in the space. If a client is doing their own kitchen project, this is one of the areas that I see people make the most design errors when it comes to material selection. Often clients do come to a designer after the fact, after trying to implement their design ideas and then not being happy with the results.

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With so many different materials, colors, and design options, the backsplash presents us with an opportunity to complement the space’s design. Still, without a thorough knowledge of design principles, the backsplash can sometimes become the piece that conflicts with the rest of the area.

Add rich color.

When  I select a backsplash for a kitchen that I’m renovating and designing, this is how I approach the selection.

Don’t shop until you have determined what you are looking for. I often go into a space where a backsplash tile selection was chosen based on how much you like the tile material. That’s great, but just like choosing any other design element, the most important thing is to be able to picture the whole room as one and how it’s going to work together to create a cohesive design.

I base my selections on the number of things – the other design elements that I’m putting into the newly renovated design, the choice of countertop material that I am using in the new design, the size and scale of the pattern on the new countertop. The other thing that I look at is how much backsplash there is and how it’s sectioned and cut up in the particular kitchen design. For instance, a backsplash with many small sections might not be a great candidate for a widespread pattern because many details of that design would get lost in the smaller cut sections of the backsplash configuration.

The other thing that I look at when designing a backsplash is precisely where the backsplash material will be applied. Where will it start, and where will it end concerning the cabinetry and the other design elements to create a truly customized backsplash for your kitchen? There is no clear-cut answer that applies to every space and every tile. When designing a kitchen space, the goal for me is to create an overall balance in color, materials, and proportion creating a well-harmonized look.


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