Five Ways To Bring Great Design Into A Small Space

How do you bring great design into a space where you don’t have a lot of room to work with? Maybe you won’t have an opportunity to bring in furnishings and add elements to create a finished look.

I recently had this challenge with a small room that my clients wanted to turn into a closet space. The room was attached to the adjoining bedroom and bathroom that was also renovated; we wanted to bring some complementary design elements to the rest of the space.

 My clients wanted closed cabinetry for clothing storage in this room. I designed this built-in cabinetry with storage clothing items in closed cabinets and open storage for folded items and shoes.

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5 Ways To Bring Great Design Into A Small Space

In this room, an existing window was very close to the room’s corner, which prevented us from going all the way to the wall with the cabinetry, and the window was needed to bring light into the room. My client mentioned needing a bench, so my cabinet maker and I incorporated a low bench into our cabinetry to create a beautiful design element out of an area that could have been problematic. 

The small bench also has storage with a lifting top. We made a custom cushion for the bench with coordinating custom pillows using complementary fabrics. Then I designed the beautiful motorized roman shade for the window. I designed a 2-inch edge that trimmed the entire shade in a complementary fabric, making this roman shade even more luxurious. Motorization is an excellent feature as it ties into the window treatments in the adjoining bathroom to work from the same remote control. This is a room where the roman shades will most likely be opened and closed daily; This was a great feature to add to this custom window treatment.

My cabinet maker added a beautiful custom-designed leg on our cabinetry pieces that make the cabinetry look like furniture. This detail looks beautiful with the curved patterns of our fabric. 

Add rich color.

These small details added so much luxury to this room without adding things like area rugs and furniture, Which we didn’t have room for in this area. Here are five ways to add great design into a small space.


Small details make a difference. Adding unique hardware or detailed features like the details on our custom cabinetry to the elements you have in the space makes a big difference and the overall look.


To the luxurious fabrics and materials. It allows you to use more luxurious items in a small space because you don’t need as much of them. For instance, a beautiful marble floor to a large room might be very pricey, but in a small powder room, it will create a beautiful luxurious look and create a beautiful oasis in your small space.


Scale things appropriately for the room. If you’re finishing a small sitting room, scale those furniture pieces wisely so they don’t take up your entire room. A few strategic pieces of furniture that are scaled appropriately will make the room still feel spacious.


Add custom details. Mixing the fabrics in the closet space that I discussed above allowed me to use several different materials, adding interest and texture to the room. Since I had all of my fabric work customized, it allowed me to choose patterns in the exact scale and fabrics that I wanted. Again, a small space with a few custom pillows was a big design element in this room, so anything that you customize gets noticed in a small space.


Be creative. The challenge of a small space will provide an opportunity for some great creative ideas. As a designer, I love challenging spaces, and they provide me with the ability to come up with some great design ideas.

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