Styling Your Home For Mid-Winter

After the holiday decorations come down, your home can feel like it needs a little midwinter styling. As much as I know we’re all anxious to clean up after the holidays, I think most of us do miss the holiday decorations, and without them, the house feels a little bare and cold this time of year.

Here are some quick ways to style your home easily with accessories to give you a home in midwinter refresh.

broken floor tile
Add rich color.


Try some small changes in your furniture arrangement. I often have to move a few furniture pieces to make room for my Christmas trees and other Christmas Decor. So, if you’ve moved a piece of furniture, as the house starts to get put back together, try moving things around a bit to refresh your look. A few small changes in a room, for instance, an accent chair at a different angle, can change a room’s look and how it functions. Experiment a little as you’re putting your rooms back together.


Accessorize your coffee table for midwinter. Style your coffee table with some items you might already have in your home or add a few small touches. Add candles to add a little illumination. A tray on the coffee table a great way to display and group small items. A few coffee table books stacked on your coffee table could be a great start if you start from scratch. Add some flowers in a vase, and you have a perfectly styled coffee table for midwinter.


Add some cozy throw blankets. Adding a blanket or two is a great way to add some color and texture to a room that feels like it needs some layering. I add throws and cozy warm blankets to my living room and bedroom decor in mid-winter. They are also great for some extra warmth this time of year.


This time of year, I like to make some flower arrangements, and I use various types of items as vases and vessels for these arrangements. Try using an old vintage vase or ceramic piece and creating some small fresh or silk arrangements for your home. I like to use some of the older vases and vessels that I’ve inherited from family members. You can use any jars or vases collection to display the flower arrangement or just a few blossoms to warm up your space in midwinter. Smaller arrangements can be placed in various areas of your home easily.


Add a few pops of color. If the house feels a little cold and bare without those holiday decorations, small pops of color can do wonders. Bring in a few throw pillows or accessories in a bright contrasting color to freshen up your space. A welcomed change as a fresh new color can quickly and easily make a bare space look finished.


Print out a few of your family photos to display in mid-winter. Take some of those holiday photos out of your phone and do a grouping in small frames. A small gallery wall or a corner of a table with a few pictures can personalize your room and help you enjoy those family memories in the mid-winter months.

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