How To Update Your Christmas Tree

Many of us have used our cherished Christmas ornaments collection for many years, each ornament holding Christmas past nostalgia. Most of us don’t want to part with our cherished collection or family ornaments, but there are ways that you can update your Christmas decor without starting from scratch. While I enjoy most of my time highlighting client’s projects, I want to give you a quick peek at my living room Christmas decor to show you an example of how I recently updated my living room mantle and tree decorations.

Although my Christmas decor changes up every year, I do a minimum of a few full-sized trees, which I love to decorate differently. But my living room tree has remained primarily gold for several years. This year I wanted to bring in a mix of numerous shades of red to this usually glimmering gold, snow flocked tree. I added a beautiful red and burgundy satin brocade wired ribbon to the tree to add some color and depth. It tied in great with my red velvet bejeweled accent pillows. Then I added red ornaments in 3 shades of red and burgundy. Some were glass, some were a satin-finished glass, and some were a glittered burgundy. The numerous shades of red worked well to add interest to the tree and blended all of the various red shades that I have throughout this area of the house.

broken floor tile

How To Update Your Christmas Tree

The fireplace mantle draped with a sweeping cascade of garland, glittering gold ribbon, frosted snowflakes, and a mix of the same red ornaments played nicely with the original all gold garland with a variety of sprays. As with most of the woodwork in this room, this fireplace was originally a dark stained wood when I purchased the home. It was beautiful in its own right, but I wanted a lighter look, so the woodwork was painted white, and the old brick red clay fireplace tile we replaced with a blue and white patterned tile. The Christmas tree garland and wreaths in this room are also dripping with glass frosted icicles. I have had these icicles for decades, and they are still some of my favorite ornaments to use. Some years they are on one of my trees; other years, they have found themselves hanging from my stairway garland.

Add rich color.

Here are a few tips to change your tree’s look without replacing all of the decorations and starting from scratch.


Add ornaments in a complimentary color. Be sure you add enough ornaments to balance out the look—a great way to tie your existing decorations into the room’s decor.


Weave in a different ribbon. Try something new. Several yards of new ribbon can do a lot to change up the look of your tree.


Mix old and new. Mixing old and new is a great way to build a tree design with character. A layered look on your tree will be a much more exciting yet traditional look. A tree with all ornaments that are the same will give you a more modern look if that is the desired outcome.


Use unique items that may not be meant for a tree. Using unique items happens to be a strong skill of mine. Over the years, my trees have sported numerous decorative objects. My rule is, there are no rules; use your imagination. In my home, if an item is beautiful, I love it, and it can sit on a branch; it has probably at some point been on one of my Christmas trees. I have always enjoyed hearing the delight of family and friends when they spot an unusual item on a Christmas tree


Remove a few items and re-vamp them.  Add decorative ribbon or paint existing ornaments to give them an updated look. Have fun and use your imagination.

With just a few quick changes, you add a fresh look to your existing ornament collection

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