Designing A Festive New Year's Eve At Home

Although everything this holiday season might be looking a bit different from in years past, your home can still reflect the holidays’ joys. Many people have enjoyed decorating their homes for the holidays more than ever this year. Now that New years eve is upon us, we can enjoy the season’s decor a bit more since many will be celebrating a bit more quietly at home, whether you plan a quiet evening at home with your immediate family or have a few people over.

Here are a few ideas to enhance your decor for a New Years’ Eve at home.

broken floor tile
Add rich color.


Frame some of your favorite holiday photos to display around your home. A great way to extend the joy of the holiday season and remember the time spent with family and friends from seasons past. So often, our favorite moments are stored somewhere in our phones. Print out a few and frame them so that you can see them often. Create a slideshow of your favorites that you can enjoy or your tablet or photo frame.


Warm-up your home with some candlelight. Even if you have taken down your Christmas decorations, you can create a glow in your home with candlelight creating a wonderful ambiance for a New Years’ Eve at home. Even battery-operated candles are a great choice as they are very realistic. Fragrant candles are great as well.


Even if you have decided to forego cooking in that newly renovated kitchen and order takeout, make dining special. Use an unexpected color scheme or set your table with your seldom-used china. Pull out vintage dishes and create a unique New Years’ Eve Table. It’s a great way to make the evening feel special.


Create a project for the kids. Have the kids make some decorations, encourage creativity by using what you have around the house, old Christmas cards, etc. Create a festive backdrop for that family zoom call. Fill the house with metallic balloons; simple ideas can really make the evening feel special.


Bake with your family. Try out some old family recipe or search out a festive confectionary treat to create a great family activity


Add some fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers, especially this time of year. Grab a few colorful, fragrant blossoms at the grocery store to enjoy on New Year’s Eve and throughout the upcoming weeks. I always grab a few of my favorites right before Christmas, they last right through the New Year.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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