Creating A Holiday Wreath

When I start planning outside Christmas decor, I like to begin with the design on my front door wreath. The front door is the first thing that guests see as they approach your front door, and it should welcome guests, especially during the holiday season. I like the front door wreath to set the tone of all the other exterior decorations’ color and feel.

There are so many beautiful front door wreaths available to purchase. Or you can certainly make your own. Sometimes I start with an artificial wreath base, and then I decorate it, using my selection of ribbon, ornaments, sprays, and embellishments. Sometimes, I like to start with an assortment of fresh greens to create the base of front door wreaths, then add metallic or natural elements. Here are a few tips when purchasing or creating a front door wreath.

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Creating and placing a front door wreath:


What is the color of your front door? You want your front door wreath to stand out and contrast your front door color while complimenting the color of your door. If I were decorating a red front door, I might not choose an all-red front door wreath unless I wanted a monochromatic effect. To simplify this process, select something that will stand out on your front door. Maybe there could be some smaller elements on the wreath picking up the red, but the main elements of the wreath could perhaps be green and gold, for example.


What is the size of your front door? It’s easy to get carried away with your wreath base. Before reading or purchasing a wreath, look at your front door and how the wreath will have to hang. Do you have double doors at your entry? If so, will you have a wreath on each? Always something to consider before you start the process of wreath making or shopping for any supplies.


Consider the elements. Choose a ribbon that will hold its shape. Wired ribbon works great on a front door wreath. Most front door wreaths will get some wear and tear from the elements. Using a heavily wired ribbon will help to keep your wreath looking great through the holiday season. Wire on any ornaments or decor firmly with floral wire so you won’t lose any items to the strong December winds.


Consider experimenting with unique colors and shapes. There are no rules when it comes to creating a holiday wreath. Strong colors and color combinations are visible a little better than softer colors when you look at your house from the road, so don’t be afraid of intense bursts of color.


Consider buying a wreath of fresh greens from a worthy cause and then embellishing with additional greens and decorations. Many organizations sell wreaths of fresh greens, allowing you to provide needed support to some great organizations, and it gives you the ability to create a new wreath every year!

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