Country Estate Master Suite - The Master Bedroom

As promised, I am sharing the Master Bedroom renovation of my country estate project. Last week you saw the master bath transformation; this is the bedroom adjacent to that bathroom.

After many years of working with clients, I can tell you that many times the master bedroom is one of the last rooms that homeowners renovate. It’s easy to put this room last on your list of priorities as it is a room the guests do not see.

However, it is a room where you spend the bulk of your time. A place in which you start and end each day and complete daily tasks. Why not make this room a retreat that welcomes you after a long day? Compared to renovating a kitchen or bath, a bedroom renovation is usually a more straightforward process.

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In a room where you start and end each day, it’s essential to consider your needs with any bedroom design. The need for comfort, storage, consideration of morning routines, and patterns must be met and create something visually pleasing.

Country Estate – Master Suite – Part 2 -The Master Bedroom

For this project, since we were renovating the adjacent bath, my homeowners decided to renovate the master bedroom. The bedroom, which was an original part of this historic home, was well-shaped and didn’t have the strangely angled walls seen is some of the formerly renovated additions to this home. So, existing walls and space remained intact.

Country Estate – Master Suite – Part 2 -The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom overlooks the beautiful field of this country estate. With its large windows and breathtaking views, I knew this design would have to reflect on the client’s tastes and honor the historical architecture, but it also had to reflect and not compete with the views, just like the bathroom design. 


Add rich color.

In this room, a warm color palette of nature-inspired greens and warm greys transformed this formerly uninspiring space into a relaxing retreat. The grey tones tie into the adjacent bathroom design. Trim and architectural features added where needed, and of course, everything received a quality paint job. New lighting fixtures are like adding the perfect jewelry to this room in a polish silver finish, also adding task lighting where needed.

The new furniture was correctly scaled to this space, provides needed storage, and adds texture with the painted finishes. The existing closets in this older home provide seasonal storage. The newly designed master closet exists just off the new master bath and custom window treatments designed to frame the windows and complement the view while providing privacy and lighting control. The new bed is at a height where the view can be enjoyed before even getting out of bed.
Luxury custom fabric work and bedding in this room provide added comfort as well as visual textures in this room. New carpeting ties into our color scheme and provides comfort when stepping out of bed on a cool Autumn day. Gleaming mirrors created additional symmetry over the new dressers, and accessories added a bit of elegance to this luxurious new master bedroom.


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