A Peek Behind The Scenes

Today I thought I would take you behind the scenes of one of our current projects. Although this project has just completed, I am giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes before furniture comes into the space and before our final photo session.
Most of our renovation projects involve a complete re-configuring of the space, removing walls, and incorporating much needed square footage to the areas of the home that we are renovating. However, sometimes a room can be totally re-designed and renovated within the current room’s configuration.
Add rich color.
This specific project is a complete kitchen renovation replacing all flooring, finishes, kitchen cabinetry, and all of the fixtures and details that put together a kitchen space.My client’s desire was to completely renovate their dated kitchen, however adjacent to the kitchen space was an open concept living room that really needed to feel connected to the adjoining kitchen. We planned on doing this with color and with extending new wood flooring through the living room.

These lovely homeowners were also particularly anxious to hear my design ideas for their living room fireplace.This existing brick fireplace really was not scaled properly for the space which really called for a larger, symmetrically centered fireplace. Here I designed something much more angular and modern to fit the room. The material choice was key as it needed to tie the fireplace into this traditionally styled home and reflect the homeowner’s love of old European stonework. All of these elements would work together to complete the look.

I recommended the selection of this beautiful oversized porcelain tile. Its’s matte finish and slightly textured appearance gave the homeowner’s the aged look that they loved. Its blue-gray coloration allowed me to tie it in perfectly with the kitchen design featuring some rich blue cabinetry. The tiles layout also was planned to visually enhance the size of the fireplace. Now the fireplace really anchors the entire space and has become a strong focal point that the space needed.

I can’t wait to show you more of this beautiful space!

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