Interior Design Ideas For Your Next Zoom Meeting

Many Americans are working from home as  stay at home orders are still in place due to the Coronavirus. Thanks to technology many people can continue to work at home virtually. This means being on camera, with a simple iPhone or webcam setup. We can use online platforms like Zoom or Apple’s Facetime to meet with clients or our colleagues.

This is all new to most of us as we are trying to navigate getting our work done, setting up a home office, and learning how to find flattering camera angles and proper lighting. One area that I can help with is the interior background of these video conferences. You are at home so you really need to work within the space that you have, but I have a few tips that will help your virtual meeting backgrounds look much more interesting and flattering.

Add rich color.


Find an area in your home where you have the most natural lighting, preferably the lighting source should be in front of you, not behind you. A window behind you only seems to work if the rest of the room has windows as well. I am not a photographer but I can tell you from years working with my photographer photographing my finished interior design project, lighting matters, and its placement is key. Keep the light on your face, natural lighting is best.


If you have a wall behind you be conscious of what is on it and how it photographs with you in front of it. A blank wall is fine if it has some texture, a wood or brick wall looks great with nothing hung on it. If you have a blank wall with no texture try hanging a large piece of art on it. A large bold colorful piece of art brings character to your space. A small piece of artwork alone looks lost. If you don’t have a large piece of art try to use a grouping of smaller pieces. Be conscious of what colors are behind you when you are being photographed, you don’t have to match your clothing to your background but try not to severely clash.


Personalize your space. You are working from home so you are not trying to create a sleek office environment, some personality and personal items like family photos and books are fine. Stack a few books on a desk behind you or on the wall or shelf behind you. A grouping two or three family photos look best, again if you have a bookshelf or desk behind you group them carefully.  Massive amounts of family photos on a wall behind you can be visually distracting. If you don’t have a desk use a small table next to you with fresh flowers or a small plant


If you have an area in your home with bookshelves, this can make a great background. Just be sure books are stacked neatly and there are a few decorative accessories to break up the look. Bookshelves look better when you have a handful of books together, then a few accessories, then some more books. Rows and rows of books can be distracting and visually overwhelming in general, especially when you are using your bookshelves as a background for a virtual meeting.


All of your work on your beautiful background will be lost if your camera is too low and all you can see is your ceiling and your face at the bottom of the screen. Elevate your camera to eye level so you can film straight in line with your face. Use a tripod or a stack of boxes or books to get things to the right height. This is a flattering angle and your video will look balanced visually.

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