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As we reach the end of Coastal Haven Designer Show House, I would like to personally thank the Museum of Old Newbury, it’s Director, Susan C.S. Edwards, event chairman, Jeannie Moak, all the jury committee members and museum employees for working to create such an incredible and successful event. I thank you for choosing me to participate, as it was an honor to be included along with such great group of designers and an incredible architect. It was a joy to meet all of you and I hope to stay in touch in the future. Also, a special thank you to our lovely homeowners for letting us showcase our talents in your beautiful home!

Also, a special thank you to all of my crew members and vendors who assisted in the implementation of my design, from the paint labor, furniture moving, custom fabric work, furniture, and area rug, to the fine art, once again your craftsmanship is greatly appreciated.If you are in the Newburyport area, be sure to stop in to the Museum of Old Newbury for a tour!